Published on 2018-03-05

Perrin Cold Air Intake for 2008-14 WRX / STI - Installation Guide


Subaru Impreza WRX 08-14
Subaru Impreza WRX STi 08-14

P/N: PSP-INT-322

Parts List:

(1) PERRIN Cold Air Intake Tube
(1) 2.75"ID Dry Flow Air Filter
(1) 2.75" Black Silicone Coupler
(1) Cold Air Intake bracket
(2) Size 312 TMBolt clamps
(2) M4x10mm screws
(1) M6x20mm button head screw
(3) M6 Fender Washer
(1) M6 Nut
(1) Zip Tie

Installation Instructions

1. Disconnect negative terminal of vehicle battery. NOTE: This will reset the ECU, so any custom ECU calibration may be lost and may need to be re-flashed.

2. Remove (2) plastic fasteners holding air scoop to car by turning 90 degrees with a flat head screwdriver or using panel popper tool.

3. Loosen hose clamp securing rubber intake hose to turbo inlet pipe. Do this until hose clamp is completely loose around rubber hose.

4. Unplug MAF sensor, and flip (2) metal clips to free rear section of air box. Carefully remove rear section of air box, air filter and rubber hose from turbo inlet pipe. NOTE: Take notice of two rubber hoses and MAF harness that are snapped into side of box. These need to be popped out of their clips before removing from car.

5. Remove 10mm nut located inside of air box (as shown) and 10mm bolt securing lower section of air box to chassis.

6. Remove front section of air box from vehicle.

7. Using a 10mm socket, remove (2) nuts securing upper air box mounting bracket and rubber mount. Remove bracket with rubber mount from chassis and using 10mm socket then remove nut securing rubber mount to bracket. This rubber mount will be used in next step.

8. Install rubber mount to supplied bracket as shown. Make sure that (2) 3/8" washers go onto stepped side of mount before mount goes through round hole in bracket. Secure mount to bracket using supplied M6 fender washer and nut. If installed properly, rubber mount will not rotate when nut is tight.

9. Install supplied bracket (with rubber mount) to threaded hole in frame rail and secure using supplied M6 screw and fender washer. Leave loose until air intake pipe is mounted.

10. Install supplied silicone coupler to turbo inlet hose making sure to push coupler at least .50" past the bump on the end.

11. Install (2) supplied T-bolt clamps over coupler and leave loose until final step. NOTE: Removing nut from clamps will aid in getting over thicker portion of coupler.

12. Remove MAF sensor from factory air box, place into Perrin intake tube and secure using supplied M4 screws.

13. Install air filter to end of tube with black plastic air straightener glue in one end.

14. Install intake tube into coupler and over rubber mount.

15. Secure intake tube to rubber mount using supplied M6 fender washer and nut.

16. Adjust intake tube so filter and other parts are at least 3/8" away from chassis and other immovable objects.

17. Tighten 10mm bolt securing bracket to chassis. Tighten 10mm nut securing rubber mount to intake tube.

18. Adjust T-bolt clamps and tighten around silicone coupler.

19. Re-install plug/harness to MAF sensor making sure that small tab locks into place.

20. Using supplied zip tie, secure MAF's wire harness to small tab on intake pipe.

21. Reconnect negative terminal on battery, and attempt to start the car. The engine will crank over a few extra times more than normal, the first time you start it. This is normal after reconnecting the battery.